When All Hope Is Lost….

They told me that after my surgery I would feel better than ever. They told me that the pills should stop my period, which would help with the endometriosis. Well, they were wrong. This is the fifth time in 2 months that I have gotten my period. After my surgery I went 72 days without bleeding. Then I went about 25 days without bleeding. Today, my period is mostly the worse it has ever been. My OBGYN doesn’t know what to do with me.  He said I have three options, one of which I have already done, and the other I refuse to do until I get a second opinion. I understand there is no cure for endometriosis but there should be solutions to help deal with it, considering I’ve tried over 7 different types of birth control, none of which seem to help. All my hope of having a normal life seems to be gone….

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