One…Two…Three…Strike Out!

        Once again I have striked out with options. I feel as though I am going in circles, in which there is no end. My OBGYN keeps lying to me, telling me that, “This pill should stop the bleeding all together and has no side effects.” Sounds great, right? Well it would be except for the fact that It’s only been two weeks on option 3 and I am  already expperencing tons of side effects and I just started bleeding heavily again…I really feel like I have no hope left. If you read my last blog, you will learn that my OBGYN sees three options for me, none of which have worked.  Therefore I have striked out compmletly. But there is a little bit of encouragement. Next week I made a special appointment with a doctor in ME who specializes in endometriosis. He comes highly recommended from people all over the US. They claim he works miricles. I added his contact info to the bottom of this blog post, but to my readers I will keep you updated on how he is and what he did. Maybe I will finally see hope…

         I wanted to take this time to thank all of my followers and readers. Ever follow I get, makes me feel that I’m not alone and that there are others who suffer besides me. Feel free to leave comments of advice for myself or others or to tell your life story. 🙂 
Contact Info: 

Dr. Robbins at the Advanced Women Healthcare Center in Scarborough, Maine 04074 

Phone: (207) 883 – 3883


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