Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’m sure, like myself, everyone who suffers with endo has been told at least once in their life that there is no cure for endo. I’ve been told that about 5 times in two years. But what if I told you, my readers, there was hope… I recently visited Dr. Martin Robbins up in Scarborough ME, who has changed my perspective on life. He claims after my surgery this Thursday, that if it is endo, he should be able to go in and remove the endo and it’s source. He also told me that having a laparoscopy is basically bs because it does nothing. Well anyways, he is going to preform an excision of endometriosis, and a hysteroscopic myomectomy, all of which he claims will cure me if I have endo and will allow me to have successful pregnancies in the future. Please view my last post for his contact info. However, I’ll be sure to update my blog after the surgery to see if what he claims can actually be done. 

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