If it’ not endo, then what!?

Before I write to you, my readers, I first want to appoligize for not replying after my surgery. My surgery went well, but I had a long recovery. They found a lot, but the labs say it’s not endometriosis, well I mean the piece that they reviewed was not. I’ve been so aggravated and depressed that I had no ides what I would actually write. I guess even though Dr. Martin couldn’t help me I suggest others to go see him, because he is a miracle worker. He proved that my first doctor who preformed just my laparoscopy was wrong. I can’t image going through life thinking the wrong thing. But now what?

Dr. Martin says he cannot help me because I do not have endometriosis, and that’s what he specislizes in. However he thought that I would be better from everything he did. I hoped so too. Well, at least I did until I got my period last month. It was bad, like always, yet it was better and shorter. So I thought, “maybe I am on the right track,” that was until I got my period yesterday. I don’t know what to do. If I don’t have endo then what do I have? My extremely havy and painful cycle is not normal. Not even normal for me. I cannot leave my bed due to the heavy flow and painful sharp pains in my sides. No medication works, no remidies either. Nothing is working. So for now, I am trying to learn how to live with it because I don’t know what to do or to call this now that it’s not endo…

3 thoughts on “If it’ not endo, then what!?

  1. Is Dr. Martin an endo specialist/Nook doctor? Endo is different for everbody. It doesn’t always look the same. What did they cut out of you? Try going to I Nancy’s Nook on Facebook. A lot of good info you can use to research there. You might be able to find a specialist in your area.


    • Thank you for your comment. Although I wrote this post a long time ago, today I began writing again on this blog. Unfortunately, I have not had any relief since writing this original post (whole story on new page). But yes, Dr. Martin is an endo specialist. I have never heard of Nancy Nook before. Is it an organization? I appreciate any advice you may have, as I returned to this blog for new insights. I will definitely look into this now!

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