An Open Letter About COVID-19

For my last post, I addressed Endometriosis head on; I asked my “why me?!” questions, as I attempted to share some of my experiences with Endo. Shortly after that post, COVID-19 began to spread across the globe, changing the world as we know it. I personally faced a lot of anxiety that week, for my immune system was in the process of being tested (such great timing 🙄). Luckily, I received some answers before the disease began to spread in my state. As it turns out, I have an immune dysfunction (not disorder) that does not make me a high risk for COVID-19. However, I am at a higher risk for pneumonia. Yet, that’s another post for another day.

Anyways, the message that I wish I could send COVID-19 is: “Bitch, please! I have adenomyosis (endo)!”

Reminding myself of this idea keeps me going right now. I actually got this idea from FemFeelings. A little over 2 weeks ago, I saw her post where she wrote, “Pfft! Corona mate, I’ve got endometriosis.” That was the hardest I laughed in a long time. And honestly? FemFeelings is right! As bad as COVID-19 is, we have to remember how strong we are in our fights against our chronic illnesses. What better month to do so then in Endo Awareness Month?

Today marks my 13th day in isolation. My family and I have been isolated because of my “dysfunction” that we are still trying to process and understand. Last week, I thought isolation and the possibility of COVID-19 was the worst scenario possible. But this week, Endo is proving me wrong. Apparently, Endo has already established a plan to keep me curled up in bed for this entire week. And just as a reminder, Endo is sending me leg pain, stomach cramps, fatigue, and heavy bleeding so I don’t forget. Therefore, I guess I would have been isolated anyways….

Setting a Goal

My goal this week is to continue to send myself positive messages. I want to find ways to encourage both my mind and body to keep going, just as FemFeeling’s post reminded me a few weeks ago. I want to find the strength everyday to stand up to Endo, adeno, and now COVID-19. And most importantly, I want to find ways to encourage myself to get out of bed everyday, even if it’s only for a short time. For some cute this goal of self-encourage might sound easy or even dramatic. But I promise you, it will be the hardest thing that I will be tasked with this week.

Hi everyone! I hope you are all staying safe during these terrible times! What has been your experiences these past few weeks? What goals can you set in place for yourself to overcome the week’s obstacles?

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