April is…Well, I’m Not Sure Anymore

Hey everyone, I want to start off by saying I hope you are all staying safe and I wish you and your families well.

Not only is today day 40 of self-isolating, but it’s also a day during Adeno Awareness Month. However, my post today is going to be very different than the ones I’ve written this past year. Typically, I write a series of Open Letters, where I let myself be opened to the issues that I can’t talk about on a day-to-day basis. And today’s plan was originally going to be the same thing: I was going to write a post about the fact that April is Adenomyosis Awareness Month. Unfortunately, I don’t think that statement is true this year.

For those of you who are #endowarriors, I’m sure, like me, you read the thousands of heart-breaking endo stories last month for Endometriosis Awareness Month. I too blogged about it. I wrote an Open Letter to Endometriosis, in which I discussed the questions I have that will never have a proper answer. However, even after all of the stories, tales, art, products, blogs, discussions, these stories were never going to make mass press because of the pandemic going on around the world. And I would predict the same for Adneomyosis Awareness this month.

This post today was going to be a follow-up, where I listed the countless issues that adeno itself has caused me. But I just can’t seem to find the words to do so. I constantly find myself stopping, as if I cannot write one more negative piece in world that is surrounded in darkness.

So ironically, despite my mental and physical issues tonight related to adeno/endo, I’m not going to write a full blog post. Like everything, that post can be put on hold until a later time. I mean, it’s not like my issues are going away anytime soon.

If I were a founder of a large Endo/adeno community, I would propose to move Adneomyosis Awareness to August this year. Why couldn’t we postpone it? Everything else, even sports, is put on hold right now. That way it’s not canceled or ignored, it’s just postponed.

Morgan Freeman once said, “You’re going to relegate my history to a month? I don’t want a month. [My] history is American history.”

I know he was talking about other issues, but Freeman does make a strong argument here. #Endowarriors suffer every single day, asking for someone to find a cure to Endo/adeno. Everyday for us is either Endo or Adneo awareness month. So why can’t we postpone these Awareness Months until the world has the capacity to listen?

Therefore, I’m moving my Adenomyosis Awareness Month posts to August. That way I can complain about these incredibly miserable issues without feeling guilty. Please feel free to do the same; everyday we have the opportunity to spread awareness.

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