Looking For A Doctor

For all my fellow adenomyosis (or endometriosis) sufferers does anyone have a good doctor/obg/specialist in the New England or New York area?

Anyone Else Just Tired?

I’m really tired of trying to find and have all of the answers. I’m tired of fighting my body in order to enjoy life. I’m tired of living with my own issues while living in a country that is falling apart. I’m tired of avoiding the pandemic while trying to manage my normal crazy chronic illness….And most importantly, I’m tired of not having any answers.

Looking for New Answers

I’ve spent my life searching for doctors. When I first started my period back in 2011, I knew my cycles were not normal. In 2012 I found my first specialist whose only advice was to wait it out for it’s just adolescences. In 2013, I went to a normal OBGYN who put me on so many different birth controls and injections in a 2 year span that I couldn’t recognize myself. In 2015, I had a doctor who promised me the world but couldn’t provide it. He misdiagnosed me, gave me a procedure I didn’t need, and gave me more scar tissue that would cause more issues. In 2016, I traveled outside my home state to find a specialist who helped me but couldn’t do anything more for me. In 2018, after giving up for several years, I sought new advice and was given the possible diagnosis of “adenomyosis” but it has never been officially proven. Now in 2020, after almost 10 years of suffering, I still haven’t found the answers I need.

Where am I Now? I’m tired

I’m tired. I’m tired of the misdagonising, poor producers, bad advice, painful examinations, lack of answers, lack of treatment, bleeding, cramping, cysts, hip pain, back pain, leg weakness, emotional rollercoaster, migraines….I’m just tired of it all.

6 thoughts on “Looking For A Doctor

  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You might already be aware of this but have you joined Nancy’s Nook Endometriosis Education on Facebook yet? There might be some specialists in your area that can help. Unfortunately I had to travel out of state to see Dr. Kongoasa and Dr. Sinervo in Atlanta. Dr. Sinervo at the CEC is an expert that takes on complex cases but he’s in Atlanta. Keep fighting, you’re not alone in this!

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    • Hi! Thank you so much for the advice, I love any and all ideas❤️. I joined Nancy Nook awhile back, but it’s funny you mention that because this past week I looked through their doctors again. It’s hard to find a doc. who doesn’t use birth control as a “cure.” I’ve traveled out of state before, as I’m willing to do almost anything at this point. I made an appointment with a Nook doctor for October. Don’t have much hope but I’m always willing to hear another opinion.

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      • Yes, I just helped a friend find a Nook doc an hour and a half away instead of in Atlanta because the list was updated. I was so glad I checked again. It’s true, a lot of the docs use birth control to manage adenomyosis when someone wants to have children or a Pre-sacral neurectomy to ease severe midline pain. Interestingly enough Dr. Kongoasa just did a lunch and learn on this in June. He does free lunch and learns where you can ask him direct questions on fb. I had so many complications with birth control and was relieved when Dr.K &Dr. S took me off of it. I hope the doc you see in October can help. If it doesn’t work out, the CEC does a free records review and they go over how they think they can help over the phone before you ever commit to treatment or travel. I hope you can get relief soon!

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      • Wow that’s amazing that you found a doctor that’s willing to treat his patients like humans. Sometimes I’ve found doctors who only care about the research of endometriosis. I hate the doctors who think Endo is a universal condition, because it effects everyone so differently! If the doctor in Oct. doesn’t work out well then I’m going to reach out to this one. Thank you for all of the great info!

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