Tell Me You Have Endo/Adeno Without Telling Me You Have Endo/Adeno

I’m sure some of you have seen the trend, “Tell me you ______, without telling me you _____” on social media. If you were asked to do so for endo/adeno, what would you say that automatically connects you?

Throughout this week I have been feeling pretty down about my chronic illnesses. I don’t even know which label to put, endo or adeno (or both), because every doctor has a different opinion about what to call my suffering. My period is extremely heavy, blood clotting extreme bleeding, weakness, the whole nine yards. It’s most likely because my body is still readjusting 2 months later from the mess of birth control I tried for 2 months.

While I’ve been in bed a lot this week, I have been trying to distract myself by watching random videos on the internet. This trend I kept seeing over and over again got me thinking, what would #endowarriors say? So in an attempt to cheer myself up, or at least get my frustration out on paper, I’ve complied a list of some things I might say. Some are funny, others are simply realistic. Yet, all these phrases just scratch the surface of what we #endowarriors face everyday.

Tell Me You Have Endo/Adeno, Without Telling Me You Have Endo/Adeno…

  1. I’ve proven that the doctor is not always right and no one doctor knows everything
  2. When it comes to pain, I face more bad days than good days every month
  3. I am a maxi pad expert: I know about every type of pad there is and exactly what pad is good for each level of flow
  4. You cannot find a bag, purse, or work bag in my house that does not have some Ibuprofen and at least 2 pads
  5. I am the therapist of my friend circle: I am great at listening to all levels of issues because nothing really phases me any more
  6. Blood doesn’t really phase me anymore: I am great in emergencies with my students, such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  7. I know more than some doctors who claim to be experts in their fields
  8. I am surrounded by an amazing online community of strong women #endowarriors
  9. I have the medicine draw of a 70 year old women
  10. I get so run-down by my cycles that strangers tell me I’m really pale and ask if I am okay
  11. I am sick of being called “strong:” I know I am strong, but I certainly do not feel like I am some days
  12. An average person who doesn’t have endo/adeno/chronic illness can never fully know what I deal with daily
  13. I’m in my early 20s yet have never been in a long-term/serious relationship
  14. I had my first surgery before I was an adult
  15. I grew up and matured way sooner than the average person
  16. I am proud of all I have accomplished with all of my issues
  17. I celebrate the little things in life and the little achievements I complete

How would you answer: Tell Me You Have Endo/Adeno, Without Telling Me You Have Endo/Adeno? Please share your thoughts, I’d love to hear!

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