Life Hacks: Migraine Edition

For whatever reason, I’ve always been prone to migraines. Not just sinus headaches or tension ones, but actual full-on migraines. The ones that make your head pound, the room spin, and wipe you out. If you are like me, then you know how hard these migraines can be to get rid of.

Over the years, I have tried everything from baths to medications to relieve these headaches. Some solutions work better than others, but it has taken a lot of time to find the right combination. Now that I can beat my migraines in under two hours, I thought I would share my routine with you all in case I can help any fellow migraine sufferers.

Steps to Help Migraines

1. Pain relievers: For those of you who are okay taking any form of pain medications, do so. Tylenol, Ibuprofen (Advil), Excedrin, etc. Any of these can help you. But the key is to not wait: don’t wait for the migraine to become intolerable. Instead, take something as soon as you feel one coming on. Ask yourself, “is this a little headache that will go away?” If your answer is no, take something.

2. Wet a Cloth with cold water: Lightly wet a face cloth/towel/rag with cold water. Ring out the cloth to remove excess water. After following the other steps, you will place this wet cloth on top of your head, eyes, even over the entire top half of your face.

3. Find a heating pad/hot towel/hot water bottle: One way to relieve migraines, especially tension ones, is to place a luke-warm heading pad on the nape of your neck (the bend right below your hairline).

4. Lie down in a dark area: When you first lie down, your head may pound even more. That’s okay, it should reduce after a minute or two. The key is to avoid technology and bright lights in order to let your head rest.

5. Turn on music, an audio book, or a video’s audio: Turn on something you can listen to, something you like that can distract you from your pain. I recommend something that you can picture in your head and let your mind wander.

Bonus Hack: My favorite thing to do is to find my favorite movie/tv show on Netflix, one I’ve seen a million times, and press play. Then lock my iPhone and hit play on the Lock Screen. This way the audio plays but I don’t have the bright video to watch and my battery lasts a lot longer.

6. Assemble: Once your audio is on, your lights are off, and you are laying down, it’s time to assemble. Place the heating pad on low and place it on the nape of your neck. Next, lay back on it and place the cold wet cloth on your forehead/eyes/face.

7. Take deep breaths and just listen: As hard as it sounds, you need to take deep breaths and listen to your audio. Relax as much as possible.

My experience: typically, I fall asleep for a brief period of time once my migraine reduced. This is a completely normal reaction, as migraines wipe our bodies out. If you feel tired after an attack and have time to rest, I highly recommend you do so.

If you try any of these or follow the entire process leave a like and a comment below! Would love to hear if this system works for anyone else. And to my fellow migraine sufferers, have you tried any of these before? What works? Do you have your own migraine routine?

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