When It Feels Like Time Stands Still

Picture one of those movies where time slows down, and the actors move in slow motion: maybe a character falls in love and time stands still, or maybe the main character is fighting in an action-packed scene. Regardless of the movie, typically, the world is painted to appear to be standing still while the main antagonist(s) continues moving.

There are times where I find myself imagining that I am in one of those scenes, as the world stands still while I silently face my chronic pain. Unfortunately, these scenes that I imagine myself in are not nearly as cool as the ones we see in movies. Often times when I am on my period, it feels as though I am the only one around me that is both living and suffering in that one moment. I feel as though I can only move at half of their speed.

I think one of the contributing factors to this feeling is the fact that I cannot accomplish much during a majority of my cycle. Instead, I am either resting in bed or trying to complete simple tasks for work from my bed. Either way, I am not able to accomplish all that I had planned on for that week. I think this is one of the worst side-effects of living with endo/adeno. Sometimes, feeling somewhat incapacitated is harder to manage than the cramps, bleeding, migraines, etc.

So how do I overcome this feeling of standing still in time while the world continues on? I write these blogs, read articles of other chronic pain sufferers, and find complete strangers who truly understand how I am feeling. Can you imagine if we could actually have a movie about endowarriors? It would certainly be about a group of strong, powerful superwomen who can literally overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Now that is an action-packed movie I wouldn’t mind being apart of.

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