Everything in life comes in cycles: day-to-day routines, night and day, even life. Some of these routines, like night and day, cannot be broken or changed. So the question remains, can any cycle be broken?

I’ve recently been in touch with a new obgyn specialist. He’s a renown specialist who seems to really understand adeno and Endo. He wants to put me on a new drug, megestrol acetate, and promises that it’ll make life better. But how can I be so sure?

I’ve been ‘burned’ by many specialists in the past, too many to count. Every time I’ve found a new specialist I’ve felt that they were amazing and the best in the field, way better than the others of the past. One by one they’ve promised me the world by giving me a new birth control to try. And every single time I believed that they had the miracle to help me….

So who’s to say that this new doctor and new drug is the best option? In the moment it feels right but what if this is just part of my unending bad cycle of broken medical promises? It’s so frustrating to not know how this new medicine could affect me. Could I end up as another one of his success stories or will I be one of the select few that have side effects and do worse. If we are following the current cycle I’m stuck in, then the outcome would be the former. Or can I break free from this cycle and start a new path? Only time will tell I suppose…

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