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A Series of Open Letters

I began writing blogs entitled “Open Letters” to share my personal thoughts, beliefs, and experiences with the world. Although many of these posts were written out of frustration, I hope that they can provide comfort to others who suffer from these deliberating conditions.

An Open Letter About COVID-19

For my last post, I addressed Endometriosis head on; I asked my “why me?!” questions, as I attempted to share some of my experiences with Endo. Shortly after that post, COVID-19 began to spread across the globe, changing the world as we know it. I personally faced a lot of anxiety that week, for my […]

An Open Letter to Endometriosis: The Questions I Wish I Had Answers To

As many of you know, March is Endo Awareness Month. Apparently, this has been a trend since 1993! That means for 27 years, the #endowarrior community has attempted to better educate the world and fight for better medical solutions. And although we might have made some advances over these years, we still have a long way […]

An Open Letter to Those Newly Diagnosed

This year marks 10 years that I have been dealing with these illnesses. As I look back over the last 10 years, I realize there is so much knowledge that I have now that I wish I was told back at the start. I’ve gained this knowledge from tons, and I mean TONS, of research, […]

Just Another Open Letter

What if you could flip a coin and have half of your issues simply disappear? Would you do it? Would you be able to choose between the two halves of your issues? Last month, posted a survey question on their Facebook page. The question asked, “If you could make one Endo symptom disappear, what […]

An Open Letter to Society: The Things We Don’t Talk About (Part 2)

Every now and again I find myself stuck in a fog. My mind seems to drift between not wanting to surrender to adeno/endo and not wanting to do anything because of those illnesses. I guess that’s why I haven’t written this second part yet. I keep writing and rewriting this post in hopes of finding the […]

An Open Letter to Society: The Things We Don’t Talk About (Part 1)

What We Don’t Discuss On Friday, August 30th, posted a survey on Facebook asking women to, “Finish this sentence: ‘I wish people understood that Endo _______________.’” The range of responses was amazing. Some women discussed the level of pain they experience, others chose to answer the severity of the disease, and some even mentioned that they […]

Simply An Open Letter

I like to entitle my new series of blogs “Open Letters” because I want to be as honest to the world as possible. Recently, more people have viewed my blog. As I have said before, the numbers of views do not matter to me. It is those of you who continue to read my blog […]

Assumptions and Misconceptions: An Open Letter to the World

As my pain continues to progress again, I find myself becoming more frustrated with the world. There are days when I want to tell my employer, “my adenomyosis is acting up, I cannot come into work.” Or days when I have to make excuses for my adenomyosis pain to avoid plans with friends and family […]

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