Just Another Open Letter

What if you could flip a coin and have half of your issues simply disappear? Would you do it? Would you be able to choose between the two halves of your issues?

Last month, Endometriosis.net posted a survey question on their Facebook page. The question asked, “If you could make one Endo symptom disappear, what would it be?” Although this website is a corporate advertisement, the comments are real. The pain and stress came from other #endowarrior sisters who are simply fed up with their chronic illnesses. It was amazing to read all of the responses. The debate went back and forth between choosing a life without pain or a life without heavy bleeding.

This is a debate that I am always having with myself. If I could get rid of one of the two major issues, would life be more manageable? To be honest, I still do not have an answer to this question. I am unsure if my life would improve if only half of these issues disappeared. Regardless of making a decision, I would have to face major Endometriosis side effects. But the question remains, would it be better? Would I be more able to deal with such side effects if I only had half of the issues? I’m sure the answer to any of these questions would be yes. It still makes me wonder though.

2 thoughts on “Just Another Open Letter

  1. I have a hard time picking just one symptom I’d get rid of. Bloating is a constant discomfort, but pain isn’t fun either. Infertility might be the most heartbreaking for a lot of endo patients. A lot don’t even know they are infertile until they start trying to have a baby. It’s not talked about as much as some of the other symptoms, probably because it doesn’t happen to everyone. Thanks for posting this, definitely got my mind running…

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    • Hi Kimi, thank you for taking the time to read this post! Sorry I’m so late to respond. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, this is a question I find myself always asking. Even when evaluating ways to manage the symptoms, you have to compromise because there is no “cure all.”

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