What Happens After Strike 3?

Most of us know the old saying, “strike one… strike two… strike three…you’re out!” We use this baseball-coined saying to describe the notion of persevering. But as I’ve noted before, not everything meets the “gold standard” of first, second, and third attempts. Some situations, like finding the right medical care, take much, much longer.

Strike One…Strike Two…Strike Three! You’re Out!

For those of you who do not know my story, I have been dealing with chronic periods and menstruation issues for almost ten years. In that time, I’ve seen primary care doctors (PCPs), excision specialists, OBGYNs, OBGYN specialists, endometriosis clinics… I’ve tried seven different birth controls, three steroids, and Depo-Provera injections. I’ve also had two excision surgeries and an appendectomy. All of these doctors, treatments, and surgeries struck out though, each leaving me more confused than when I started.

But the most confusing of it all is my diagnosis. The first “specialist” (worst doctor I’ve ever met, another story for another day) told me he was certain I had stage 2 endometriosis without taking a pathology or removing my tissue. The second excision specialist told me he believed that I had endometriosis, but the pathology report tested negative. The third endo specialist I saw claimed I had adenomyosis, but claimed to have no way to prove it. This summary isn’t even including those who came in between, especially my favorite: regular OBGYNs who wouldn’t even take me on as a patient because I need a “specialist.” As of result of this history, I spent the past two-four years living without help beyond my regular PCP. I have managed and done my best to live my life regardless of pain.

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So What Happens Next?

Well, I’m not too sure what happens next. I was recently told by an OBGYN specialist to return to one of my past specialists because my case was too complicated for him. This experience was disheartening and made me want to avoid medical care like I have for the past few years. If you read my latest post, or even skimmed it, you would know that I can’t live without aid anymore. I really wish I could, but for whatever reason, this year has been horrible for my body. This led me to reaching out to a Nook Doctor. For those of you who don’t know, Nook Doctor‘s are doctors that Nancy Nook has certified as having thorough and accurate practices for treating endo. Of the three “specialist” I’ve seen, two had been Nook Doctors, and I would agree that they were very knowledge for endo. After the last doctor didn’t pan out, I didn’t know where to turn. Then, I remembered A Touch of Flourish recommenced Nancy Nook a few months back and I realized I should give it a try one more time.

Feeling Even More Confused Than Before

So last week I had a virtual visit with an endo specialist of Brigham and Women’s Hospital. I was so skeptical of this hospital since that first ever “specialist” had connections within the network. But since I’ve tried every other hospital network in MA, NH, and ME, I figured I needed to give it a shot before completely giving up.

And part of me is really glad I did: the doctor I talked with didn’t waste my time. He had spent the time to review the 22 page history packet I faxed his office, and knew exactly where I was at. He also wanted to get an MRI done to determine if I actually have adenomyosis. (FINALLY!) He is the first doctor that has been willing to give me the MRI that I have been asking four years for; he’s the first to recognize that an MRI can give me a true diagnosis.

Then there’s the other part of me: the part of me that is petrified of the MRI not detecting anything. At this point, I am way more scared to have the MRI done and for it to not find anything. If the MRI doesn’t show adenomyosis, cysts, or endometrium, then I’m basically screwed. If I have no major results, then the doctor believes I either have endometriosis or just horrible genes.

Facing My Greatest Fear

Which leads to the worst part of the entire conversation with this new doctor…If Monday’s MRI comes back negative for all of the above, then the doctor wants me to try a progestin birth control pill. For anyone who has ever read my blog, you know that I would be the covergirl for “Reasons to Hate Birth Control.” The worst I have ever felt is when I was on birth control; and the best was when I finally put my foot down and said no to birth control. I have also inspired others to try to see if they could feel better without birth control. For example, a close friend of mine said she never felt better six months after stopping birth control.

So for me to take birth control again feels like I am going against everything I stand for; it feels like I might loose everything I’ve worked for, especially the weight loss. The day I stopped birth control I was a size 18/20 in women’s clothing. Within six months I stopped birth control completely, I started loosing the weight, to the point now where I am a size 8/10. This weight loss was huge for me. Although I can’t seem to loose any more weight, I haven’t gain any either in 3 years. As a result, I’m scared that all of this work will go to waste and that I won’t be myself anymore if I take birth control.

So Monday is going to be a huge day for me… well, I guess actually 48 hours after when I can find out the results will be the crucial moment. Depending on the results, I told the doctor that I would try the .35 mg of norethindrone next week if I do not have adenomyosis. I agreed to do so because it can indicate whether or not I have endo, it’s only .35 not 5 mg like I used to take, and I’m home in quarantine going nowhere and seeing no one. And yet, a large part of me is scared that I am going to be making a huge mistake…I guess only time will tell…

If you made it through my rant, thank you. Your support truly helps me feel better, feel like I’m not alone in this battle. Have you ever tried or have heard of norethindrone? I’d love to hear an insider’s perspective!

11 thoughts on “What Happens After Strike 3?

  1. I know the dread of waiting for test that are pivotal to what comes next. It’s a very stressful time. I have problems with wieght due to medication and it’s hard to come to gripa with but I feel better than ever on the medication I’m on. I’m not refferring to birth conrtol just psych meds. Please don’t let the not wanting to gain weight get in the way of feeling better. Please also remember just becasue something didn’t work once doesn’t mean it won’t work again. I’ve taken medication of rmy depression most of my life, sometiems I have to go off one and years later it will work again. Try to remember you are not what you look like, your weight is not who you are. I know how hard this is. I gained 40 pounds when starting this medication and it wwas a bitch! It’s hard to measure being thinner against feel 100% better. I wish you the best.

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    • Hi Looking For Light, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and respond💛 You make many good points and I really like your perspective. You’re right, it’s been at least 5 years since I gave that medication a shot. Maybe this time will be different. The worst part is just the unknown and the fear that it won’t work and this progress will be lost for nothing. But I’m going to try to think positive like this and take it one day at a time🙏🏻 (easier said than done haha)

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  2. I was hoping you would have some good treatment options with the other specialist and am glad to see you’re still fighting for your care. Honestly, it if were me, I would contact the Center for Endometriosis Care for a free records review if these results don’t shed any light on possible adeno. Adeno can still be present and not show up on scans- the only way to definitively know in that case is to remove your uterus and send it to path unfortunately. I’m so sorry this is happening. If you choose to try birth control again, it could work. My concern is what the birth control is masking. At the end of the day this is your body and you get to decide how to move forward. Thank you for sharing your story!

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    • Hi Touch of Flourish, thank you for your continuous support💛. I really appreciate the feedback because I always want another opinion from someone who understands a bit of what I’m going through. I think you’re right, I’m waiting to hear the MRI results on my followup and if I’m not happy with the doc. then I’m going to reach out to the center. I didn’t realize they’ll do a file review I think that could be really helpful. Please cont. to send any other ideas thanks again!!💛💛

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      • You’re welcome! It’s really hard to know when to stop fighting for an opinion and when to accept the opinion of an endo specialist. If there’s anything that can be done the CEC is known for their expertise with complicated cases. All the doctors are great there and at the very least it’s a free records review. Hang in there!

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  3. I love the title of this, I’m in the same boat – three, four, fives strikes now and back to the first consultant?!?
    I now have Adenomyosis and waiting to see what they’ll do as prescribed progesterone but it makes me crazy depressed and suicidal. They still push me to have a coil fitted or take the pills. I’m fed up. What was your outcome? 💛

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    • Unfortunately, my friend, I have yet to find a solution. However I did find a doctor willing to listen and not prescribe me any hormonal treatments or iuds as a solution. He also acknowledged my concerns. So hoping for the best. He gave me a list of ideas that I’m going to research, I’ll make sure to post (I can tag you too) about the research I find about the treatment ideas. It’s taken me more time than normal to get to researching it because a part of me is just concerned about striking out again. But we do have to hope that even a million strike outs may eventually lead to a home run right?

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  4. I am waiting for a new Gynae, new bloods, new scans. I am currently off the pain meds as had horrendous side effects. I’m trying a natural remedy – castor oil packs but so far still in unbelievable pain. I wish you well, here if you ever need to talk 💛

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    • 💛thanks friend, same here💛 I’m sorry you’re suffering so much. I wish there were better medications out there for us, because the stupid side side effects make doing nothing better than taking something. I hope your new Gynae may have some other ideas for ya, keep me posted💛

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