Endo Warriors Are Super Humans in Disguise

I want you to bring your mind back to the origin story of Superman: journalist by day and super human by night. A man who chose to conceal his secret identity to the public so he could live a somewhat-normal life.

Now imagine an entire group of women who live like this on a daily basis; a group of women who hide their pain and suffering and mask it from the public. These women are incredibly strong and yet the world has yet to begin how much they overcome daily. In truth, the same can truly be said about any chronic pain suffer.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

This time last year, I didn’t post about awareness months because I was fed up with the world. I was frustrated with the pandemic and mad that the pandemic was the only newsworthy story. I was angered by the fact that no one would be reporting on endometriosis awareness month because of the new virus spreading rapidly through the world. Little did I realize to what extent that virus would be, nor was I prepared to face the next year.

So what’s different this March? Why am I posting when the pandemic is still the main focus in the media?

Firstly, I am posting for my fellow chronic pain suffers, for the women who have overcome this year and their daily health impairments. This year has been horrible for us all. Many have lost loved ones, including myself, to this horrible virus. Yet, Endo warriors have had to deal with this virus ON TOP OF our health issues. To be isolated and in pain, to need doctors but be unable to see them, to need supplies but unable to get them…it’s been a long year. And I don’t think the world has realized how much we have overcome. (And to my fellow Endo warriors on the front lines, thank you for all you’ve done! I can’t imagine what it has been like to fight chronic pain while working to help others during these difficult times).

Secondly, I am posting to simply spread awareness. I was reminded last year by some of my fellow bloggers that we can still spread awareness within our communities and maybe reach as small as one or two more people who may not know much about endometriosis.

And finally, I’m posting for hope. For the hope that eventually the world is educated, that more individuals are aware of the truth behind this deliberating illness. For the hope that our awareness can bring about better care and better health management. And for the hope that the next generation of Endo warriors may not have to suffer as much as we have.

So for anyone who read this post: March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. It’s a month to inform the public of a deliberating disease that affects over 200 million women globally. If every individual tells one person this, the world can become more educated, better informed, and better prepared.

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